G.S. Marjara

G.S. Marjara

Chief Executive Officer

“Leadership is the ability to facilitate movement in the needed direction and have people feel good about it.”

G.S. Marjara, the Chief Executing Officer at Future Hi Tech Batteries, has been successfully demonstrating this trait with hands full of experience of 30 years in his work. His ‘can-do’ attitude, organized thinking, prioritization skills and ability to confront challenges while striving to reach goals are the factors that are continuously taking the company to new heights.

The capacity to analyse and take realistic calculated moves, policy recommendations,guidance and working day in and out for the growth of the company has been the driving force behind the success of the company.

Not working just to please others and focussing on essentials had been dominant in his personality as a mentor. He built an environment at Future Hi-Tech where entrepreneurship blossomed. His versatile, diligent working style and positive approach in all circumstances, in highs and lows, is phenomenal. This elevates the economic growth further. Successful yet grounded, commanding yet emotionally resilient, he is working every single day to make company climb the ladder of success higher and higher.

Future Hi-Tech has witnessed a visible transformation in it’s journey as the CEO of the company rolled up his sleeves and personally got involved at every step where financial and symbolic values where at stake. He built a strong and committed team working on the “every one wins” mantra. He made tough corporate decisions, developed and enforced adherence to guidelines and policies for maintaining the business ethics.

He has proved his capability to instill, nurture and explore the vision of the company. G.S Marjara has always exhibited high performance with a mindset to excel.He harnessed the transformative powers of his team and inculcated in them, the mentality to work in discipline. This led to the incremental improvement of the company.

He modelled the desired changes to cater to the existing and upcoming trends and set a benchmark in the industry thus raising the standard bar and true worth of Future Hi – Tech, being considered as a pioneer in lithium industry in a real sense.He is well trusted for his credibility as he has always aligned his actions with his words and delivered whatever he promised, portraying his core competence.