Future Hi-Tech provides a reliable solution for uninterrupted power supply, inform of a high-quality product, the Powerhouse energy storage system.

It is designed to offer four different capacities, ranging between 2.5 to 10Kwh within a single size of the modular enclosures.

Based on LFP chemistry with safe performance parameters, this powerhouse battery has a longer life span of up to fifteen years approximately.

Its lightweight & sleek size makes it even more carriable & easily adapted by the uses. Powerhouse battery also offers various capacities to fulfill & meet our requirements even more than that we desire for.

Salient Features of Powerhouse battery

  • Lightweight and sleek size
  • Modular expandable system
  • Natural cooling
  • High power output
  • Easy and quick installation

Protection Features of Powerhouse battery

  • Over temperature cutoff
  • Over Voltage cutoff
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Over charge/ discharge cutoff
  • Over current cutoff