How to maintain a lithium battery?

When in regular use, lithium battery needs no maintenance. When not is use, do charge and discharge at least once in 45-60 days.

How to handle lithium batteries?

With “care”, remember not to drop lithium battery from more than 6 inch height, this may cause major malefaction and unrepairable damage or accident.

How to store lithium battery?

Store it in cool place and in partially charged condition.

Dose it damage lithium battery with incorrect use?

Yes for sure, take care of using right device and charger with compatible battery.

Should we always full charge lithium battery before use?

Not must, these can be put to use with partial charge and can be charged even while in use.

Can lithium battery be overloaded?

Yes but this will reduce capacity / consumption accordingly.

Can lithium battery be unplugged while on charging port and put to charge again?

Yes, this action does not do any damage to the battery.

Should lithium battery be fully drained / used before put to charge?

There are chances of deep discharge, hence it is recommended to not fully drain / use. This can be managed through configuration of BMS.

Can lithium battery be charged with the device on?

Yes, lithium battery can also be charged while in use.

Should it be unplugged when battery is charged full?

Not necessary; charger turns off by BMS or charge controller.

How to charge when in cold temperature?

Not recommended to charge below freezing conditions.

Can lithium battery be charged at hot temperatures?

Avoid to charge above 50°C (122°F).

Does lithium battery heats up while charge?

It may slightly warm but not heat up, if heats then unplug and seek help from authorized service center.

Can fully charged lithium batteries be transported?

Not at all, these should be partially charged for transportation, say 40-50%.