Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery

EV Expandable Module

The awareness to go green & to adopt eco-friendly means of transport is gaining momentum & so is the concept of e-vehicle. Here electric vehicle battery comes into the picture to power these vehicles. Future Hi-Tech Batteries is providing dynamic solutions with variants for the same.

Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer Batteries are widely preferred & used for these vehicles due to the high energy density that they provide as compared to their weight. With longer battery life, lower running costs & negligible maintenance, our lithium ion battery for electric vehicles are designed & equipped well in accordance with the Indian road conditions & environment after passing through stringent quality checks.

We ensure to deliver the best electric vehicle battery with special features like protection elements, communicative battery management systems (BMS) with display & standardization.

Future Hi-Tech Batteries are manufacturers, designers & R&D facilities, work with an aim to deliver cost-effective solutions for all Electric Vehicle needs.

Product ranges of lithium ion battery for electric vehicles