eGolf Cart Battery

eGolf Cart Battery

Golf carts have a multitude of applications in day to day life. You can find them at airports, resorts and the Golf courses of course! There are varied carts from different brands in the market to cater to the need, but it is always the battery that decides the worth of the vehicle.

Future Hi Tech batteries bring to you the most efficient, smart, and safe battery packs for your Golf Carts. Our batteries deliver high performance, with durability that means, a long term use for years together without any hefty maintenance. The best part about the batteries is the smartphone connectivity that makes its  operations  easy and convenient.

It is a fruitful investment because of the superior quality with optimized results. The Future golf cart lithium batteries give a way to the smooth & comfortable rides for you forever, adding life to the cart.

Salient Features of Electric Golf Cart Battery

  • Long Life
  • Smart Battery
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Smart Phone Connectivity
  • Digital Display
  • Light Weight
  • Quick Charging
  • Maintenance Free
  • Energy Saver

Protection Features of Electric Golf Cart Battery

  • Cutoff - Over Charge & Discharge
  • Over Temperature Cutoff
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Auto Cut & Auto Recovery
  • Short Circuit Protection