Lithium Battery Charger

With the increased use of Lithium Batteries, Lithium Battery charger has also become an integral part of the system. Also known as EV Chargers, they are required to charge the Lithium batteries in a safe manner to protect them from being getting impaired & to add life to them.

Future Hi-Tech provides the EV Battery Chargers in two variants i.e Li-Ion & LFP and they come with a special provision of the onboard mounting in vehicles.

The other features like the active cooling fan & compatibility with CAN-BUS make versatile.

Our Lithium battery charger is designed using NCM chemistry & is loaded with a lot of protection features that further add to the quality.
These chargers are compatible & suitable for the electric vehicle batteries used in e-rickshaw, e-scooters, e-bicycles & e-four wheelers.

They are highly efficient, safe & compact in size. Our Lithium battery charger is being successfully used appreciated and is being tagged as a quality-oriented product.

We strive to drive in the direction of e-mobility even stronger & firm with the dynamic advancements ahead. The Lithium battery chargers available with us
are of Prime & Grand series.

Salient Features of Lithium Battery Charger

  • Compatible with Li-ion and LPF based batteries
  • Efficiency > 94%
  • Minimum noise level
  • Active cooling inbuilt
  • IP protected
  • Power factor > 0.99

Protection Features of Lithium Battery Charger

  • Burnout Protection
  • Rapid response on fault
  • Passive hardware self-protection
  • No load protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Active Software Self Protection