eRickshaw Battery

eRickshaw Battery

The growing trend & popularity pertaining to the need to save the environment, the demand for electric vehicles is emerging as a new revolution worldwide. eRickshaw amongst them is being commonly used nowadays.

We provide Lithium powered eRickshaw Battery – Electric Vehicle Batteries in India that are available in both Li-ion & LFP in cylindrical & prismatic variants. The designing of these batteries is totally adaptable & in accordance with Indan roads & environmental conditions.

The traits like portability, compatibility with Gov. e-mobility policies, cost-effectiveness & standardization make our eRickshaw battery the most accepted in the Indian market. Its safe & compact design makes it be the best option available for electric vehicles.

The variants in Lithium batteries suits & fulfill all the requirements of running E-Rickshaws. We understand the customers need & customize the battery packs according to their specifications & deliver the quality products as our main focus is their satisfaction & so they rely on the name of Future Hi-Tech Batteries with trust.

Our lithium batteries for E-Rickshaw have a long life, high capacity, no maintenance cost, they require less charging time & are in harmony with nature. These features are being delivered with a quality-oriented mindset & so we proudly stand firm by our products.

Salient Features of eRickshaw battery

  • 100% charge/discharge efficiency
  • Eco-friendly in Nature
  • Quick charge
  • Plug and Play battery
  • Customizable enclosure
  • Built-in BMS for protection
  • Remote Battery Lock/Cut off
  • Theft Protection - GPS Tracking
  • Mobile Phone Charging Port
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Long lifespan
  • Swappable Battery
  • Digital display

Protection Features of eRickshaw battery

  • Overcharge/discharge Cut-off
  • Over temperature cut-off
  • Overvoltage cut-off
  • Shock absorption
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity

BMS Management System with Digital Display

We have a specially designed dynamic/smart BMS for rechargeable lithium battery packs to enhance efficiency and performance of complete solution.

This communicative BMS monitors all cells current, voltage fluctuations in pack and temperature of pack. It displays all parameter prompts to take required actions timely.

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If you have any queries regarding Lithium ion battery for E-Rickshaw in India or need any further assistance regarding, feel free to fill out an online contact form to get in touch us. Future Hi-Tech Batteries delivers the best Electric Rickshaw Battery packs in India and will help you in providing the right ‘green energy solution’ for your E-Rickshaw. We will be happy to help you!