Advantages of Lithium ion Batteries

Advantages of Lithium ion Batteries

The numerous advantages of Lithium ion battery or Li-ion make it a popular choice for portable electronics, eVehicles especially eBicycle battery and eScooter battery, energy storage solutions for solar street lights etc. The following are some important advantages of Lithium-ion batteries.

  • Li-ion batteries have three times higher shelf life.
  • They are five times lighter in weight as compared to other technologies.
  • These batteries charge faster with almost 10 times more charging rate in comparison to other existing technologies.
  • Li-ion batteries are custom-made and do not have theft risk.
  • They are affordable solutions when it comes to the cost of batteries.
  • They do not pose dangers to the environment and thus are environment-friendly.
  • They are 100% efficient.
  • Li-ion batteries come in flexible batery pack shapes, thus are a convinient option for many applications.
  • They have longer lives and come with over 5 years of warranty.
  • Even at high temperatures, Li-ion batteries have lower capacity loss.
  • These batteries have low maintenance cost.
  • These promising features make Li-ion batteries the most preferred battery types.
3 Times Higher Shelf Life
5 Times Lighter Weight
10 Times Fast Charging
Cost Effective
Custom Made: No theft Risk
Efficient 100% DOD
Environment Friendly
Flexible Battery Pack Shapes
Long Life : 5+ year Warranty
Low capacity Loss at Hi Temp.
No Maintenance Cost
Let’s Switch to Lithium