G.P Singh

G.P Singh

Chief Technical Advisor & Head of R&D

“Great companies are built on great Products”

G.P Singh has put in the sweat & created such products which are the results of research with an aim & dedication. He has played a major role in making sure that technology & strategy aligns with the company’s overall goals.

Today technology has become intertwined with business & is leading us all into a new industrial revolution. Our industry respects innovation. We are striving always to create new innovations & adapting them, as it is the key to the survival of any company operating in a competitive market.

G.P Singh has provided sound technical leadership in all aspects of the business. He always ensured that company has best, robust technology for the jobs in their hand. He is equipped with rich experience as he served many big brands & to name some, they are Hitachi(HGST), the USA as a Principal Engineer, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India), Member of IBM Research Retd., Max Planck ( Germany ) etc. Mr. Singh owns 25 industrial publications & 14US patents registered in Lithium & other fields under his name. His core achievements are feathers in his cap thus enhancing the confidence of the clients in the company.

He has built the company’s presence & voice by his strong insight & dominance in analysis & extensive research, keeping a high problem-solving attitude.

His strength is the technical expertise that he possesses & knows not only about developing a product but also about how certain technologies can gain additional profits & or cost reduction.

He keeps his finger on the technology pulse & gages the new development trends. He then efficiently holds, develops, articulates & continually evolves the company’s strategic technical directions.

His command & responsibilities of managing the organization’s research & development needs, has always helped FutureHi-Tech to establish progressively.

He utilizes Social media & online strategies by engaging in speaking, media activities, conferences etc. His hard work detailed research has backed us & supported to achieve quality assurance in our products that we can cater further with confidence & commitment. For the public, our CTA provides a face for the Future Company’s technical vision.

He has worked hand in hand with the department heads such as marketing, production & operations as an advisor of technologies that improved their efficiency & effectiveness. The structuring of the team, to ensure that technologies are used profitability & securely had been his main focus.

He evaluated & executed new systems, testing & trying again & again before implementing them, as he believes that “We learn from failures more than from success “

He in every true sense , had been the driving force behind the Future’s Technical prowess & insight.